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Eliminating fleas can take patience—sometimes involving weeks of established treatment routines. But knowing where they hide can make the process easier.

Where Fleas Hide in the Home

Fleas like hiding in crevices. Their populations are greater in places where they can feed (pet bedding, living rooms) and where they can reproduce undisturbed (lower-traffic areas, carpeting). They also inhabit upholstery, furniture, and other common household furnishings, especially where they can stay warm. Simply put, you’ll find fleas just about everywhere during an infestation.

The Key Steps to Getting Rid of Fleas in Your Home

  1. Treat all of your pets—not just the pets that show signs of fleas. If fleas are found in your home, every pet should be treated. Give them immediate relief with a flea bath or flea spray. These treatments are powerful, so only use one method, not both.
  2. Now start washing: Pet bedding, laundry, quilts, blankets, and linens. Any washable materials that fleas could inhabit should be washed regularly, though clothes, towels, and other fabrics stored in closed drawers may not need washing.
  3. Once your home is cleared of clutter and your washing routine is underway, it’s time to start vacuuming in preparation for your pest-control treatment. Start by vacuuming all areas that you’ll be treating, including carpets, bare floors, upholstery, furniture, and crevices where fleas can hide. This prepares your home by killing flea eggs and larvae, and disturbing pupae so they hatch, making them easier to eliminate.
  4. Dispose of vacuum bags (or flush the contents of bag-less vacuums) after every session. As supplemental measures, foggers can help clear open areas of remaining adults.
  5. Adams™ Flea & Tick Home Spray should then be sprayed onto your furniture, upholstery, and carpet to kill fleas at the different stages of their life cycle: eggs, larvae, and adult fleas.
  6. When your infestation is under control, maintain a flea prevention regimen so that your family can breathe easy throughout the year.

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