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  • 7 New Year's Resolutions

    Here are 7 New Year's resolutions that you can make to keep you and your dog happy and healthy throughout the year.

  • How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween

    Tips to keep your dog happy and safe on Halloween, with bonus Halloween costume ideas.

  • Holiday Tips for Pet Owners

    Read our holiday tips to keep your beloved pet from experiencing unnecessary anxiety, a decidedly unfestive accident, or even pesky bug bites.

  • Autumn Outdoor Activities for Dogs

    Half the fun of having dogs in our lives is sharing various activities with them, including play dates at the dog park, camping, and hiking. Most dogs have lots of physical and mental energy—even saying the word “outside” can send them into a tail-wagging tizzy—so you’ll want to channel that energy into safe, fun activities you can both enjoy.

  • Summer Pet Travel Safety & Activities

    Keep your pet safe on summer travels including preparing for exposure to fleas and ticks.

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