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  • Ticks

    If you have pets, you probably know a thing or two about ticks, but maybe you're wondering how to prevent or get rid of ticks in your yard or on your pet.

  • How Many Fleas on a Dog Is Considered an Infestation?

    How many fleas on your dog is an infestation? Learn how to spot fleas, how many is too many, and how to deal with them.

  • Ants

    Are ants wreaking havoc in your home? Find out how to get rid of ants (and carpenter ants) and how to prevent troublesome ant infestations in the first place.

  • Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs

    Lyme disease can be a serious illness in dogs. Here's an inside look at what causes it and how you can prevent it.

  • Mosquitoes

    Plagued by mosquitoes? Wondering how to get rid of them? Should you spray? What if mosquitoes are in your house? Here are handy tips for mosquito control.

  • Flea & Tick Season 101

    Fleas and ticks can be a problem for pets all year long, even outside of the peak season. Learn all about their life cycles and how to protect against them.

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