Insect Facts

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  • Cockroaches

    When cockroaches show up in your house, you might wonder if you should use treatments or sprays. Find out where cockroaches live and how to get rid of them.

  • Crickets

    What's that unusual chirping noise? Are there crickets in your house? Find out what attracts these noisy insects and learn how to get rid of crickets.

  • Earwigs

    Wondering how to get rid of earwigs? If you're fighting an earwig infestation in your house, here are some helpful tips to control and prevent earwigs.

  • Fleas

    Are fleas wreaking havoc on your home or plaguing your pets? What should you use? Check out these flea facts and find ways to control and prevent fleas.

  • 7 Myths and Flea Facts, and How to Protect Your Furry Friends

    Fleas are a fact of life for cats and dogs. Pet parents must protect them by learning science-based flea facts and myths.

  • Flies

    Frustrated by flies? If you or your pets are bothered by house flies, horse flies, or fruit flies, here are some helpful ways to get rid of annoying flies.

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