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Summer is officially here, and with it— fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. For many of us, the summer months are extremely busy with travel and new adventures making easy to use pest products, like a dog flea and tick collar, extremely valuable. Sound like you? Read on to learn more.

Advantages of Flea and Tick Collars

If you’re always “on the go”, flea and tick collars offer a number of advantages to fit your lifestyle: 

- Cost Effective: Providing up to six months of protection and a price point of around twenty dollars for a pack of two, collars are a very economical form of protection. 

- No Reminders Necessary: If your busy schedule causes you to forget the last date you applied drops and sprays, collars are a great substitute. Once the collar is on, your pup is protected through summer travel, hiking, water activities, and road trips. 

- Easy to Use: Topicals require some application and drying time. Flea and tick collars are attached in seconds (just like their ID collar) and that’s it! The active ingredient released from the collar contacts skin and hair and spreads outward over their body with time and movement. See how easy application really is. 

Benefits of Flea and Tick Collars

Adams Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs & Puppies offer a number of benefits perfectly tailored for the summer months:

- Around the clock protection: Collars provide 24/7 protection ensuring your pet is safe from pests, anywhere at any time. 

- Banishes mosquitoes: Yes, our new flea and tick collar also repels mosquitoes! No more worrying during hot, humid walks or hikes 

- Water resistant: Doggie paddle with confidence; collars remain effective after exposure to water and rain. 

- One size fits all: just measure, attach, and snip off any excess.

At a Glance

    • Affordable
    • Effortless Use
    • Long Lasting
    • Perfect for summer conditions

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