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You lead a busy life—between taking care of your family, going to work, and running countless errands, there’s not a lot of time left in your day to deal with pet problems. Especially when it comes to dreaded flea infestations!

Flea Facts

With more than 2,000 species on the planet, fleas may be one of the few creatures on earth that nobody likes. Even when you know how to spot fleas on dogs, these prolific parasites are difficult to kill, cause illnesses, and drive your pet crazy with itching. And they’re no fun for humans either! Finding fleas on your pet feels overwhelming, especially when you’ve done everything you can think of to prevent them.

What is the Infest Stop* Ingredient?

If only it were easy to treat pesky flea problems and prevent future infestations at home! Fortunately, now it is. Adams is proud to introduce the Infest Stop* ingredient, which treats fleas by disrupting their growth cycle.

The Infest Stop* ingredient is a long-lasting ingredient found in many Adams Flea & Tick treatment products. Many flea and tick treatments kill only adult fleas, but the Infest Stop* ingredient kills flea eggs and their larvae, preventing them from maturing into biting, breeding adults.

How the Infest Stop* Ingredient Works

The Infest Stop*ingredient, called S-methoprene, is a larvicide that protects your pet by killing flea eggs and their larvae, which are difficult to detect on most pets. The Infest Stop* ingredient disrupts embryo development while a flea is still in the immature egg stage and sterilizes those fleas that have already developed into larvae, which means they are unable to reproduce.

Nipping a flea infestation in the bud is crucial to keeping fleas from multiplying on your pet and invading your home. The Infest Stop* ingredient gets to work eradicating eggs and larvae.

Do-it-Yourself Care Made Easy

We know that taking your pet to the vet can be costly and time consuming. That’s why we have worked to provide the Infest Stop* ingredient, allowing you to keep your furry family member flea-free, right in your own home.

The Bottom Line

Adams Flea & Tick treatment products with the Infest Stop* ingredient offer the best of all worlds when it comes to eliminating fleas and ticks on your pet and in your home. Unlike many other products on the market, many Adams™ Flea & Tick treatment products eliminate fleas at every stage of their life cycle, and also work to kill ticks and other pests. Best of all, Adams Flea & Tick products with the Infest Stop* ingredient offer products that really work—all at an affordable price! 


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