Protecting your home from fleas differs depending on the type of home you live in.


Apartment protection begins with treating your dog or cat, so they don't bring fleas into your home in the first place. Provide pets with flea treatment and prevention products, including a flea collar and flea shampoo.


For bigger spaces, you need to address both your pet and your home. Wash your pet with flea shampoo and have her sport a flea collar. Avoid flea infestations in your townhouse by treating it with a spray that starts working within five minutes and keeps working for several months.

If you have a flea infestation, first kill the existing fleas with a flea shampoo. However, once you rinse off the shampoo, the active ingredient that takes care of the fleas is gone too.

Make sure you follow up with a product that protects your pet from any newly hatched fleas.

Wait 24 to 48 hours (when your pet's coat is completely dry) before putting on a flea collar or a topical flea treatment to help avoid any adverse affects your pet may experience.

Also, be sure to treat both your home and your yard to keep fleas at bay.


Squashing the flea population on a large ranch or farm begins with treating your pet with flea shampoo, topical flea treatment, and a flea collar. It ends with treating your property with home spray, yard spray, and foggers.

Remember to wait 24 to 48 hours after you apply the topical flea treatment before you put a flea collar on your dog.

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