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Fighting Fleas and Ticks: 3-Step Protection

Fleas and ticks are out for blood! These pesky parasites live on an animal’s skin and can cause a wide range of skin diseases...

Weathering Flea and Tick Outbreaks

Are you tired of flea and tick season yet? You’re not alone! Flea and tick outbreaks—triggered by factors including temperature...

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Leave the area undisturbed until sprays have dried. Remove all people and pets (mammals, birds, reptiles, etc.) until the spray has dried. Cover fish bowls or tanks with plastic wrap and turn off aerators.
After your pet is initially treated, Adams™ Flea & Tick Spot On® products are effective maintenance products that kill fleas and ticks (and deer ticks for cats), and kills and repels mosquitoes for up to 30 days. In addition, they contain the Infest Stop™* ingredient to kill flea eggs and break the flea life cycle.
Thoroughly soak animal with warm water taking 2-3 minutes to wet hair. Apply on head and ears and lather, and then repeat procedure with neck, chest, middle and hindquarters, finishing legs last. Let animal stand 3-5 minutes (this is an important part of the grooming procedure), then rinse animal thoroughly. For extremely dirty or scaly animals, the above procedure may be repeated.
Handheld sprays take approximately 5-10 minutes to dry. Do not allow children or pets to come in contact with treated surfaces until the spray has dried.
Topical treatments can take up to 24 hours to dry. Refraining from bathing your pet during this time is recommended. If you do choose to bathe your animal prior to adding topical products, wait until your pet is completely dry to apply the product.
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